Hi there. I'm Fei Hu. I'm a Software Engineering graduate student Full Stack Developer @Content Pilot..
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Nihao! My name is Fei Hu. I'm living in Dallas, Texas, US and working as a Web Developer.

("Do what you love and do it often!")

I graduated from Southern Methodist Univeristy with my master degree of Software Engineering in 2011.

You can find my resume from LinkedIn and my GitHub if interested.

Thanks for viewing my website. Gracias!

ps: I built this website in 2011, yea, yea, I know, it is a bit of "out-of-fashion"; a brand new version is under development!

Personal Projects

Learning by Doing!

  • Name: SleepDetective iPhone App
  • Implementation: Objective-C
  • Description: This project is inspired from my interest in iPhone's sensors. In SleepDetective, diverse sensors are used for detecting body movement and surrounding noise level.Thus,it helps users to track their sleep quality.
  • Name: hfknight.com
  • Implementation: PHOTOSHOP, HTML, CSS, JQuery, and PHP
  • Description: My personal website. I was always thinking of interesting themes for my website and one day I saw my friend's Polaroid. Here came the idea of polaroid style! I combined several interesting tech in this webiste, like lightbox, flickr RESTful API. I'm proud that I designed and created almost everything by myself. That's plenty of fun during this project!
  • Name: 新浪微博查看备份工具
  • Implementation: HTML, AJAX, JQuery, and PHP
  • Description: 新浪微博查看备份工具 - 您可以查看过去发布的微博,支持按日期查询的功能。并且可以导出HTML代码方便复制粘贴到本地或者博客等其他地方。
  • Name: Autosys Management System
  • Implementation: HTML, Javascript, Java, and SQL
  • Description: I Rewrote old GUI to web application, improving webpage loading rate by over 400%, and wrote a new algorithm for quick task management.That was my first time using Javascript and AJAX in real project, I decided to write my own codes instead of using other Javascript/Java frameworks, so I could benefit more from coding. And so it was!
  • Name: Remote System Task Manager
  • Implementation: HTML,JQuery, Java Servlet
  • Description: Remote System Task Manager is a web-based tool for monitoring and managing computer system tasks. It simulated Window task manager's functions but it could be deployed to remote servers in different operation systems. I chose Microsoft SQLServer as database because I never used it before and I was willing to try this time.
  • Name: 3D World Tour
  • Implementation: C++ and OPENGL API
  • Description: 3D world program is an OPENGL Program in which user could move the eye position around the world under user control.User could control to switch the ambient lights, move speed, direction, and etc.


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E-mail me: hfknight2003[AT]gmail[dot]com

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